What is the true With-Corona🌏?

In the Asahi Shimbun Digital dated June 16, 2020, there was an article saying “COP26 postponement: an opportunity to strengthen emission reductions”.

This year’s United Nations-sponsored climate talks have been postponed to autumn next year because of the new coronavirus pandemic.

The 26th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change was originally scheduled for November 2020 in Britain.

The global climate crisis is only deepening, with time running out for the world to take effective actions to stem global warming and avert climate catastrophes.

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There is an accelerating trend toward a transition away from fossil fuels in both the financial and nonfinancial business sectors. This could lead to a drastically changed world after the pandemic.

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Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The article states, “There is an accelerating trend toward a transition away from fossil fuels in both the financial and nonfinancial business sectors. This could lead to a drastically changed world after the pandemic.” I hear that it is difficult to return to the life of 2019 before Corona in various places. So what is the world (With-Corona) after or coexisting with the corona?

In YAHOO! JAPAN News dated May 29, 2020, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that it will gradually lift the relaxation of suspension requests. However, he said that he made a “Corona Declaration” because he needed to recognize that he had to continue to live with the new coronavirus even if it was released. But is this really “With-Corona”?

Governor Yuriko Koike of Tokyo announced at a regular press conference on the 29th that the stage of relaxation such as a request for suspension will be advanced to “Step 2” from midnight on June 1st of the week. Requests for suspension of cram schools, movie theaters, sports gyms, department stores, etc. will be eased. However, she made the “With Corona Declaration”, saying that she needs to recognize that she must continue to live with the new coronavirus even if the office is reopened.

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Source: YAHOO! JAPAN News

I think the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “With Corona Declaration” merely re-started the previous life, giving priority to the economy in the presence of the corona. I’m afraid that this method could be Swedish if I make a mistake.

Herd immunity should have been aimed at selecting lives … Sweden with outstanding mortality rate

In response to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Sweden has not dared to blockade the city, but has taken its own path to acquire “herd immunity.” It is a rare strategy in the world that more than 60% of the population naturally infects and obtains antibodies to overcome the virus, but at present there are few economic benefits and the mortality rate is high. Was the “Swedish style” a failure? (Chiaki Sawada, London)

Source: Tokyo Shimbun Web

For me, the real With-Corona is to advance the Industrial Revolution. As of 2020/06, there are about 8.8 million infected people and 460,000 dead people around the world. With such a sacrifice, people were able to realize that there was. It turns out that the cessation of human economic activity around the world has dramatically cleaned the atmosphere and restored abundant nature.

Dramatically improved air pollution in China

India’s air pollution has weakened and the Himalayan mountains are now visible

Sea turtles are gathering on the beach of Hawaii where people are gone

Reference: We learned that “the environment can be improved by ourselves” with the new corona where the water was clear and the mountains were visible.

In conclusion, considering that the SARS vaccine has not been produced even after 17 years from 2003, the new corona (SARS-CoV-2) must be prepared for a long-term battle at worst. Therefore, in order to confront the new corona while weakening the climate crisis, for a while, it is said that a new industrial revolution that can turn the economy will be started based on the self-restraint life that was done all over the world in the state of emergency. I think it’s a real With-Corona.

  • At work, everything you can do is remote work
  • Cars move to EV with defossil fuels
  • Local production for local consumption of food as much as possible (reduction of carbon footprint)
  • Energy supply is also based on renewable energy (solar power, wind power, tidal power, hydropower, geothermal power) and local production and local consumption (de-nuclear power, de-oil-fired power, de-coal-fired power)
  • Expansion of national safety nets such as basic income( Go ahead with the above and aim to accelerate the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement )