From the northern field ’19 mail📮

In the summer of 2019, before the Corona disaster, we conducted an experiment for IT agriculture using a field in the north (not Hokkaido). It was to use Raspberry Pi and Arduino to measure the brightness and temperature and send it by e-mail, provided that the power supply was only renewable energy.

Battery uses solar panel

the Raspberry Pi and Arduino used this time

Use the bike carrier case

Since the case that stores tools such as the battery and keyboard needs to be waterproof, we use a motorcycle carrier case.

Battery and keyboard stored

Looking at the case, it looks like this.

A lunch box is used as a substitute for storing Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

I needed a transparent container for waterproofing the camera and future use, so I replaced it with a lunch box for the time being. The black one connected to the Raspberry Pi is the SORACOM dongle for connecting to the net.

Completed form for the time being

They are assembled.
It is a completed form for the time being.

As a result of my excitement, this is the email I received!

件名: test
日付: 2019年8月19日 11:05:23 JST

time : 0
the light sensor value is 734
the temperature value is 29.86
time : 5
the light sensor value is 735
the temperature value is 29.86
time : 10
the light sensor value is 735
the temperature value is 29.95
time : 15

I managed to succeed! We are considering the following points for improvement in the future.

  •  I want to store data on some IoT platform
  • Equipped with other functions (details are posted separately)
  • High temperature measures
  •  Case improvement