Pure EV / Nissan Aria ๐Ÿš— announced!

On 07/15/2020, Nissan announced the Crossover EV Aria. It will be released in the middle of 2021. CO2 reduction is indispensable to improve the climate crisis as much as possible, and the exhaust gas of gasoline vehicles is also a problem. Pure EV is an eco-friendly car that does not emit exhaust gas, so it is increasing its presence in Europe, the United States, China, and so on. In Norway, 42.4% of new cars were EVs in 2019. Norway aims to become Europe’s first ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles by 2025.

Aria is not cheap at Approximately US $ 46,000 or more, but Japan was the first country to mass-produce EVs in the world  and there is also Professor Akira Yoshino, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the lithium-ion battery as the power source. I would like EV cars to do their best in Japan as well.