Pure EV/ Honda e 🚗 is born!

Honda’s new pure EV “Honda e” will be released on October 30, 2020. In Japan, there are two types of development, the base grade (4.51 million yen) and the advanced grade Advance (4.95 million yen). By the way, in Germany, it is 29,470 euros (about 3.7 million yen) and 32,470 euros (about 4,070,000 yen). The fact that the price in Japan is about 800,000 yen higher than that in Germany is a disappointing point as well as the low target of 1000 units per year.

TypePriceWLTC modeJC08 mode
Honda e <RR>4.51 million yen283km308km
Honda e Advance4.95 million yen259km274km
Main types / prices

The exterior is designed to combine a retro feel with a futuristic feel. In addition, the interior uses a wide vision instrument panel that arranges five screens horizontally for the first time in the world, and we are also making advanced efforts such as the side / center camera mirror, which is also the world’s first standard equipment for mass-produced vehicles.

In the center of the five screens, we have prepared a “Honda CONNECT display” using two 8: 3 landscape displays. You can start the app from the 6 icons, display the usage history of the app, and switch between the driver’s seat side and the passenger seat side.

Also, if you say “OK, Honda” by “Honda Personal Assistant”, it will respond. Various dialogues such as vehicle information and guidance to the place you want to go are possible, and real-time information can be searched.

Furthermore, on Android smartphones, by using the smartphone app “My Honda +”, you can lock and unlock the vehicle by touching the NFC prepared on the pillars and instrument panel, and even power on.

There are few types of domestic EVs so far, but I’m glad that they are being sold one after another. The high selling price of EVs is a bottleneck in Japan, but I just hope that the future of EVs running in the streets of Japan will soon come in place of gasoline-powered vehicles.

HONDA・Honda e Site : https://www.honda.co.jp/honda-e/